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New Investment Opportunity at Flamingos Casino in Decentrala...
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New Investment Opportunity at Flamingos Casino in Decentraland’s Vegas District

A new investment opportunity has opened in Decentraland. Vegas City district and Decentral Games (creators of Serenity Island Casino) have announced a collaboration which will see the opening of a new mega casino in the very heart of the gambling district, and you too can be a part of it and earn a revenue share.

The Flamingos, as it has been named, will comprise of 88 LAND parcels, 58 of which are open to investment by way of purchasing an NFT on Opensea. The remaining 30 parcels will be used to create some spectacular attractions and experiences, offering a more diverse experience for visitors who have less interest in the gambling scene, but still want to enjoy the glitz and glam that Vegas has to offer.

The floor plan below clearly shows the casino layout, along with the listed investment opportunities, which range in price between 7-15 ETH.

The initial auction sale on Opensea is due to last for another 5 days.

Anybody interested in investing should CLICK HERE to view the NFT’s for sale on Opensea, or contact James or Baus via their blog links below.

For more information regarding revenue splits and smart contract information, please read:

–        The Official Vegas City Blog Post

–        The Official Decentral Games Post

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