Build To The Beat – The Decentraland Builders Music Playlist

A few weeks ago we asked the Decentraland community to add songs to Genesis, a YouTube music playlist made for the listening pleasure of those taking part in the upcoming Decentraland building competitionThis is a global building effort like never before, bringing people together from all countries, cultures and backgrounds. Let’s celebrate this with music!

We are delighted to say that the Genesis album/playlist now comprises over 70+ contributions, and is a mashup of tastes and rhythms directly from the global Decentraland community.

“Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day, Nor Was It Built In Silence”

Very soon, countless hours will be spent online building in the 2 week Decentraland competition starting tomorrow, 18th March 2019.

Add Some Flavor – YOU Can Still Contribute To The Playlist

DCL Plazas has created a fun and collaborative music album / playlist, inviting everyone to submit their favorite songs for everyone to listen, share, motivate and enjoy whilst building.

The album / playlist, named Genesis, is available here on YouTube for anybody to access and listen to whilst building.

To contribute, either click on the button below, or add a YouTube song link in the comments below.

Please note: You must be logged into YouTube to add to the playlist.


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