Gentlemen’s Club Releases ‘Temptation’ Teaser in Decentraland

Decentraland promises to have something for everybody to enjoy. The latest project, commissioned by an entrepreneurial community member, and built by Mikey Dent, showcases the new Gentlemen’s club “Temptation” which is due to hit the platform come launch later this year.

Structured inside a building the shape of a high heeled shoe, visitors will take a ride up the shaft to enter the club. Upon entering the club, guests will be greeted with what you can only describe as an “adult wonderland”, covered from floor to ceiling in bottles full of your favourite liquors, and littered with scantily clad women realistically gyrating around poles. It looks like many hours of extensive, after hours research must have taken place to get these moves right.

The life like animations in this scene are a clear demonstration of how far builders and designers (within the Decentraland community) have come since the launch of the SDK last year, and this shows no sign of slowing down.

Anybody wishing to check out the club later in the year can find it located at -112, 32 in Decentraland.

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