Part 2: How Important is Decentralization to Video Gameplay? Decentraland + Panel

Do video games really need to be fully decentralized? In a discussion at the recent NIFTY conference and hackathon in Hong Kong, a conversation surrounding Plasma side chains and scalability took a rather different turn when, around halfway through, the passionate Jeremy Gardner (Augur Co-Founder) steps in to air some of his frustrations about not only blockchain gaming, but the crypto industry in general.

It seems one of Jeremy’s biggest issues is that smart people are getting rich from the applications they are creating, but very few people are actually adopting and using their applications therefore the progression of the industry and mainstream adoption of crypto is stalling somewhat. DCL Plazas understands your frustration Jeremy. Thanks goodness this doesn’t apply to Decentraland.

The panel, hosted by Tobis De Angelis, also includes Decentralands Esteban Ordano who composes himself very well amidst a tricky panel.

This sort of discussion is usually saved for behind closed doors after a few whiskies, but instead was discussed on a sofa in a room full of industry advocates and entertained onlookers. Enjoy it, we certainly did.

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