How To Get Your Decentraland Avatar & Passport

Editors Update: You can now learn more about Decentraland avatars by clicking here

In just a few weeks time, Decentraland will finally open its doors to the public, allowing users from around the world to freely experience the metaverse that has been almost 2 years in the making.
But what good is a world without a body to travel around in? Worry not, any day now, customizable Decentraland avatars and passports will be available for anybody wishing to roam around and explore the beta version of Decentraland.

What do you need to register your own Decentraland avatar?

  1. Metamask or Dapper installed on your browser (computer or mobile phone)
  2. A small amount of Ethereum
  3. A small amount of MANA token


The Decentraland avatar creator will allow users to customize their own character using a range of dozens of different physical traits, accessories and snazzy clothing options.

The first iteration of the Decentraland avatar tool is expected to be basic and simple to use, with extra features to be added in later versions, such as importing your own custom avatar assets / accessories and advanced avatar expressions. It is also likely a secondary market will open from developers, designers and entrepreneurs looking put their skills into action by creating their own custom gear and taking advantage of this huge opportunity.

Names & Passports

To further personalize the experience, for a small fee (paid in MANA and burnt) each user can create a unique name for their avatar. Each username will be represented by an ERC20 token, recorded on the blockchain and owned as an asset by its creator.

Finally, Decentraland announced it will launch a passport system that presumably will act in a similar way to the passport one uses to travel between countries.

The Decentraland passport will help users have a more seamless, safe and secure experience whilst roaming Decentraland. In the future, the passport system could also help facilitate any filters a user may wish to apply to their Decentraland experience, such as restricting distasteful content and/or illegal activity, although this has not yet been confirmed.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to register your email with Decentraland and receive an alert the moment avatars are available. There are also bonuses available from Decentraland for some for the first avatars to be created.

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