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Influential Crypto Traders Start Building in Decentraland &#...
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Influential Crypto Traders Start Building in Decentraland – BBQ Anyone?

Over recent weeks DCL Plazas has been looking on with interest as more and more influential crypto trading personalities (Twitter) have started to setup a ‘home from home’ in Decentraland and buying their own parcels of LAND.

In May 2018 @crypToBanger, a Twitter personality and successful crypto trader, announced to his 76.5k followers that he had just moved in to Decentraland at parcel -44, 80.

Since then, @crypToBangerJR has been leading the way, collecting connected parcels and breaking ground near the center of Genesis City (around -48, 16) reportedly hiring “the best VR devs in the GaLaxy” to start work on building the church of crypToBanger for the crypToBanger family on his 2×2 plot. An exciting project indeed.

@Cryptomocho is another fun and influential Twitter based crypto trader with 119k followers. He also resides in the same neighbourhood of Genesis City. It seems in his spare time Mocho is also a generous Grill Master, offering tasty VR burgers and hot dogs to anybody who stops by to say hi at his place (-47, 16).

As a concentration of Crypto Traders seems to be building in the same neighbourhood, it will be interesting to see if this area becomes a central hub for the trading community.

Either way, fire up the grill Mocho, we’re on our way!

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Image Disclosure: For illustration purposes only. This is not the real CryptoMocho or crypToBangerJR. is independent and not affiliated with Decentraland.

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