Lightning Network Payments Demo in Decentraland

Prolific Decentraland developer, @acl_crypto, has released a demo of his latest project which shows Lightning Network payments running live in a Decentraland scene. 

All it takes is a simple click of a ‘pay now’ button, then scan a QR code… et voilà, a seamless, super fast payment is made with Bitcoin, prompting Donald Trump to start partying like it’s 1999.

This example is a comical use case for Lightning Network payments, however, if it can easily be rolled out throughout Decentraland, it could very well become the backbone of in-world commerce and allow entrepreneurs to flourish.

Wide scale adoption of this type of payment system would largely depend on whether it will be possible to apply it to a scene without any coding.

If this functionality could be packaged up and converted into an easily applied Decentraland plugin (which would connect to the new Builder tool and require no coding to work) then this would be a real game changer, and quite possibly the first step into building a revolutionary new economy, built on the blockchain.

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