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New DCL Map Tool Paints Decentraland Data into a Masterpiece
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New DCL Map Tool Paints Decentraland Data into a Masterpiece

The latest powerful Decentraland LAND tool to emerge really does have that “Wow” Factor. Created by community member spidymonkey, the tool paints the Decentraland map into an array of colors, all in 3D, whilst at the same time providing important live and historical LAND sales data sets, as well as a wide range of LAND information.

At the click of a button, the 3D map will instantly display information (in various colors) about the asking price, auction price, top 20 owners, maximum build height, and a whole host of other options.

>> You can visit the website here

Community Coming Together

The most recent update is the integration of parcel sales history, which has been plugged in from (created by community member Decentraliser). These two talented community members have combined their programming know-how to make their aim of ‘easily accessible LAND data’ available, for free, to the growing Decentraland community.

The tool is still being updated with new features added regularly.

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