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New York Times Reports on Decentraland, But Still Baffled by...
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New York Times Reports on Decentraland, But Still Baffled by Blockchain

The New York Times today published an article to its 130 million* strong monthly readership covering a very basic overview of the Decentraland project.

Whilst naively condescending in places, coverage by such a reputable print is evidence in itself that the word is spreading about Decentraland. This can only help to spread the concept of a fully decentralised VR platform to a wider audience of potential users and investors alike.

Disappointingly, the journalist who wrote the article, Andrew Ross Sarkin, seems to repeatedly underestimate the intelligence of his largely educated readership, constantly assuming they do not understand anything about the Blockchain. Even though it is still vitally important to continue educating the masses about Blockchain technology, it leaves one wondering whether the article would have been of more value had it been written by somebody more developed on the subject.

>> Click here to read the full article

* Dec 2017 – Source:

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