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It is now quick and easy to advertise and get noticed in over 80+ top locations throughout Decentraland, Cryptovoxels and/or Somnium Space.
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Each virtual world comes with its own set of unique advertising opportunities. We highly recommend that you read the full FAQ section further down this page to ensure you find the right advertising solution for you, as well as make sure that your advertising campaign qualifies as per our guidelines.
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Advertising Types

Below is a list of advertising options highlighting where your ad will be placed on our kiosks in each virtual world.


1 – Large Cube Ads (static image)
2 – Small Cube Ads (static image)
3 – Teleporter Portals (static image + hyperlink)

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CLICK HERE to visit 1 of our Decentraland kiosks LIVE in your browser right now! No account or installation required.


1 – Front Cube Ads (static image)
2 – Teleporter Portals (image + hyperlink)

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CLICK HERE to visit 1 of our Cryptovoxels kiosks LIVE in your browser right now! No account or installation required.

Somnium Space

1 – Large Cube Ads (static image)
2 – Small Cube Ads (static image)

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In order to visit kiosks based in Somnium Space, you first need to have downloaded the official client/program onto your computer.
You can read more about this by CLICKING HERE.

Now Get Your Ads Live in The Metaverse in No Time!


How it works


1. Simply purchase one of our collectable advertising NFTs from the Opensea marketplace here.

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2. Send us your image to activate your ad campaign by clicking the button below or clicking here and completing a quick form.


3. Within 48 hours of accepting your image your campaign will go live on our kiosks in view of the whole metaverse!

Tailored Advertising

Our Gold & Silver NFT ad packages (on Opensea) have been specially designed for maximum coverage on any mid-large size advertising campaign. However, we can also accommodate smaller or more bespoke advertising campaigns to suit you! Please CLICK HERE to contact us with your requirements.

FAQ & Guidelines

Where can I buy a DCL Plazas NFT to advertise on the kiosks?

All NFTs are available from our store on the trusted Opensea marketplace here.

Which currencies can I use to buy an advertising NFT?

Currently we are only accepting Ethereum (ETH) for our advertising NFT’s. If you wish to use another cryptocurrency then please contact us. We do not accept any fiat currencies.

Are there any restrictions on what type of business or project can be advertised?

Strictly no weapons, porn, distasteful content, medication, copyrighted material, suspected scams or anything illegal. We reserve the right to refuse at our discretion. NFTs will be deemed invalid and no refund will be given. If you are unsure, please contact us first.

Can I advertise a business or project that is not related to cryptocurrency, NFTs, virtual worlds etc?

Certainly! The only requirement is that it adheres to the rest of the guidelines laid out in this FAQ.

Can I advertise on a few kiosks spread between each virtual world?

Sure! You can either purchase multiple NFTs, or message us with your requirements to put together a campaign to suit you.

Why should I advertise with DCL Plazas?

  • Established in 2018. We are a trusted and reliable community brand.
  • This is a truly unique and forward thinking advertising opportunity and is not available anywhere else.
  • We own all our land and do not rely on any 3rd party agreements.
  • We are the only place where you can seamlessly advertise in all 3 worlds.
  • We run events on our land to drive more traffic.
  • We offer reasons to come back to our kiosks time and time again e.g. teleportation hubs.
  • We are working on interconnecting all virtual worlds.
  • All revenue generated from ad sales will be used to help support the future growth of DCL Plazas, helping us continue to help grow and increase awareness of the NFT space.
  • Owners of our early release NFTs will likely receive perks in the future as a token of our appreciation for helping support us in this early stage.

What are Gold and Silver NFTs?

The only difference is that Gold NFTs are rarer, and they indicate that your ad will be placed on all kiosks allocated for advertising in any given virtual world. Silver is half the amount of locations. All locations are highlighted within the NFT animation.

Which type of advertising permits the use of a hyperlink?

Only Teleporter Locations. Hyperlinks can be external or internal. Large and small cube advertising does not include a hyperlink option.

Are these advertising NFTs limited in supply?

Yes. Due to tech restraints, we only have a limited number of ad slots available, therefore we can only sell a limited number of NFTs/ad space per month.

What should I do once I have purchased an advertising NFT?

Complete the activate form here within 7 days. If you have any questions, or don’t want to advetise within 7 days of your purchase, please contact us. We are with you every step of the way!

After purchasing an NFT, how long do I have to activate it and submit an image?

You have up to 7 days after purchasing an advertising NFT to submit your images and complete this form. After that, your NFT will be still be valid (up to expiry date as stated on the NFT) however placement of your ad will be subject to availability.

How long will it take for my ads to go live?

Once you have submitted your required image and it has been accepted, your ads will go live within 24-48 hours.

How long does each NFT/advertising campaign last for?

Each is valid for 30 consecutive days, starting from the date the advertisements go live on the kiosks. Once 30 days is complete, the NFT will have expired and cannot be used again for another ad campaign, even if the date on the NFT is still valid.

Can I pause my ads or end them early?

Yes, you can end your ads at any time. You can also pause your ads, however, each 30 day campaign is a continuous cycle, therefore your ads will continue to expire and still end after 30 days, even if they have not been live for the whole duration.

What happens once the valid date on an NFT expires?

The NFT becomes a collectable, but is no longer valid for advertising.

I only have a low budget / want to advertise for less than 30 days, can I still advertise?

Sure! We cannot issue a collectable NFT for smaller campaigns, but we strive to help all businesses and projects, both big and small, to get their name in lights on our kiosks. Drop us a message here, we’re a friendly bunch.

Can I change my images at a later date?

Unfortunately not. Once an advertising image (or hyperlink) has been submitted and is live on the kiosks, it cannot be changed for as long as it is valid.

How many images can I use per NFT purchase/campaign?

A maximum of 2 different images (related or unrelated projects) can be used for all NFT purchases.

What file type and size image is required?

All images should be 512px x 512px. Currently, we are only accepting static images which should be in jpeg or png format. File size should be limited to 1MB maximum.

Can I choose specific kiosk locations for my ads?

All advertising locations (where your ad will appear) are highlighted on the NFTs. For more specialist advertising requirements, please contact us.

Are ads for cross world projects permitted?

Yes, e.g. if you have a Cryptovoxels project and want to advertise in Decentraland, this is permitted.

Do I get any perks for owning one of DCL Plazas’ very first ad NFT’s?

As we continue to grow, we plan to introduce exclusive perks for all those who own a DCL Plazas NFT and who have been kind enough to support us during these early days of metaverse creation.

Is there any monthly visitor/impressions data available?

Due to current technological constraints, there is currently no accurate way to measure expected visitor numbers. We have, however, designed our kiosks in a way to be eye catching and drive their own traffic with in-world events and other initiatives.

Can I get a refund?

Sorry, no refunds will be granted after purchase.


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