Second Decentraland Auction Imminent! – Get Your MANA at the Ready

The wait is over. Decentraland have officially announced that there will be a community vote which will determine when the second Decentraland auction, for the remaining 9331 unowned LAND, takes place.

Commencing on Monday 29th October, all MANA holders will be entitled to vote on whether the remaining unowned LAND will be put up for auction in Q4 2018, or Q1 2019.

Voting will be on the Decentraland Agora voting tool and will be open for 10 days. It is widely believed that the vote will go in favour of a 2018 auction, although this won’t be confirmed until the result of the votes are finalised. In other words, if the vote goes the way of a 2018 auction, then it will be very soon. There are only 8 weeks left in Q4 2018.

Do you have your strategy in place, to turn this auction into a profitable investment?

In the lead up to the second Decentraland auction, we will be publishing a series of posts providing you with all the information, stats and facts needed, to enable you to make an informed decision when planning your auction strategy.

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