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Travel in Decentraland on Track
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Travel in Decentraland on Track

Teleporting, flying & walking were initially the 3 ways users were planning on travelling around Decentraland come launch day. However, it seems mikeyDent, a talented VR designer amongst other skills, has his own creative ideas of getting from A to B when he recently shared his underground Metro concept with the community.

Designed in a dystopian cyberpunk style, the Metro service will be yet another way for users to reach key areas. Whilst it is still unclear where the Metro will run, this could become a great collaboration spanning many LAND owners and serve as a thread to knit the community together with one common goal.
However, more likely it would serve as a more convenient way to travel around within larger districts, with Aetheria seemingly being a perfect fit.

>> You can view more of mikeys work if you click here

>> To discuss hiring mikey as your designer he can be contacted in Discord CyberMike#7014

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