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VARC – The Small District with BIG Plans
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VARC – The Small District with BIG Plans

Whilst some of the larger Decentraland districts are still fine tuning their startup plan proposals and collecting votes from community members, it seems some of the smaller districts have been working tirelessly behind closed doors and are already in full flow with designing and building models for their respective areas in Genesis city.

VARC, the district for architecture professionals and hobbyists, is leading from the front with their range of exciting 3D models and concept designs.

District leader ile plans to build even more models in the lead-up to Decentraland launch in Q4, mentioning that one of the current challenges is “how to build with modules that can fit any parcel arrangement”

Architecture is visual art, where the buildings speak for themselves.

>> Click for more information about the VARC district

>> Click to view and/or follow progress of VARC models on Sketchfab

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