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Ways to Build in Decentraland are Simplifying – Drag &...
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Ways to Build in Decentraland are Simplifying – Drag & Drop, Scan & Upload

The inability to build in Decentraland, without any coding knowledge, has been off putting and frustrating for some LAND investors. Whilst some members of the community have seen this as the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill, for others who don’t have the luxury of time, it has been more of a hindrance to progress in building the grand ideas they initially had in mind when buying their first plot of Decentraland LAND.


Recently, some innovative ideas demonstrating how easy building in Decentraland will become, have started to filter their way through the community. The video examples have come from community member acl_crypto, and forward thinking VR company Janus VR.

Scan & Upload

Watch as @acl_crypto uses various tools to scan the cork from a bottle with a mobile phone, to then upload onto the computer and then finally load it into the Decentraland SDK, and before you know it, the cork is actually bouncing around inside Decentraland itself.

Drag & Drop

This is probably the option which most LAND owners are waiting for. Janus VR have recently released a video showing their progress with a drag and drop builder concept they are working on.


We are getting there. Making the Decentraland SDK much more accessible and utilizable, so the average user can build in Decentraland, has been a focus of the developer team for some time, however, this isn’t something that will be solved overnight. Steps are being taken in the right direction, and it’s great to see the community coming together and offering their skills to build a better Decentraland.

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